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YUB Realty’s Compensation Plan is available for licensed Realtors in the state of IL.

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At YUB Realty, you can earn while you learn. Our Designated Managing Broker and President of YUB Realty, Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo is a powerhouse leader. She is a Multi-year, Award Winning Agent, TOP 1% Producing Broker. Whether you are a beginner in this industry or you are transferring brokerages, we guarantee you will receive quality hands-on training on all types of sales and transactions.


  • 70/30 Split, where 70% is for the Broker & 30% is for YUB, for all self-sourced closed transactions, up to a total volume (TV) of $2,000,000
  • 75/25 Split, where 75% is for the Broker & 25% is for YUB, for all self-sourced closed transactions, from $2,000,000 TV to $3,000,000
  • 80/20 Split, where 80% is for the Broker & 20% is for YUB, for all self-sourced closed transactions, from $3,000,000 TV to $4,000,000
  • 90/10 Split, where 90% is for the Broker & 15% is for YUB, for all self-sourced closed transactions, from $4,000,000 TV to $5,000,000
  • 95/5 Split, where 95% is for the Broker & 5% is for YUB, for all self-sourced closed transactions, from $5,000,000 TV to $6,000,000
  • 100/0, where 100% is for the Broker & 0% is for YUB, for all self-sourced closed transactions, from $6,000,000 TV up


All transactions/sides will include a $300 company Quality Control & Compliance transaction fee to YUB Realty Inc, before the split.

E&O Insurance is included and covered by YUB Realty Inc. – A CRM and Agent Website will be included, as available, and covered by YUB*
*The Compensation Agreement will have all of the details


    • Training by a Top Producing Team, step by step and hands on
    • Help you obtain the right mindset
    • Make sure you learn about different types of transactions and scenarios
    • Be taught how to work rehab transactions, auctions, and other sales
    • Make you well versed with ITIN transactions
    • Connect you with Top Lenders, Banks, Loan Originators, Attorneys, Inspectors and other vetted professionals
    • Provide Real Estate Scripts for different types of clients with checklists to make your life easier
    • Train you on how to effectively use social media platforms, create videos and content
    • Be taught how to effectively generate leads and know the best way to advertise based on our years of experience
    • Walk you through expectations, setting goals and work up a plan to achieve them
  • And many other unique and proprietary strategies that will significantly increase your chances of success as a real estate agent!


We will help you generate immediate closings, develop your own lead generating platform, and help you live a successful, happy, and balanced lifestyle.

After our Designated Managing Broker worked under a “LARGE” company with hundreds, maybe thousands, of brokers, she found that what was most important and really mattered was being trained properly to be able to provide professional service to prospective clients (service with excellence & with love) and getting approved buyers/ready-sellers to be able to generate income in order to make a great living, heck, a decent living or even to survive in the beginning.

She met and spoke with over 100 agents there and learned that nothing else was more important to them either. Not the “unparalleled” software, “technology”, multi-level type of business models, or online training you can find on you-tube and Vimeo anyway, not even the free parties or the costly franchise brand names that generate you no actual income. None of these things really put money in our pockets. On the contrary, they take a cut from the broker’s commissions. A commission you earned from your hard work and efforts in searching, finding, filtering, and nurturing clients. What do they really provide for their cut? Well, we can bet they don’t sit down with you and provide you with excellent and unique training that has been proven to work for our current realtors. At YUB Realty, you’ll work side by side with the best in the industry, most of who have started right where you are. Now, they’re living their dream lifestyle thanks to the training and tools they’ve gathered at YUB. Our mission is not only to help our clients with Excellence, Love, and Urgency but help our team thrive within that mission.

Our team

Meet Our Super Agents

Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo

President & Designated Managing Broker, Multi-Award Winning & Top 1% Producing Agent | Broker Mentor

Elvia Torres

Multi-Year Award Winning Agent | Broker Mentor

Josue Cifuentes

Top Producing Agent | Broker Mentor

Anarely Valdez

Top Producing Agent | Broker Mentor

Ana Saavedra

Top Producing Agent | Broker Mentor

Jose Martinez

C.A.R. Rookie Of the Year Award Winner | Top Producing Agent | Broker Mentor

Martin Andrade

Top Producing Agent | Broker Mentor

Maximiliano De Santiago

Top Producing Agent | Broker Mentor

At Yub Realty, we prioritize personal connections with our clients. Our tight-knit team fosters a family-like atmosphere, where professionalism, sincerity, learning, and family are core values. Despite our small size, we provide all the necessary resources to make your experience with us smooth, successful, and stress-free.

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