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Our goal is to help you achieve your real estate goals.

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Maximize Your Earning Potential With Our 50/50 Split Fast Growth Compensation Plan

Chicago Top 1% Producer story 

Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo

After our Designated Managing Broker worked under a "LARGE" company with hundreds, maybe thousands, of brokers, she found that what was most important and really mattered was being trained properly to be able to provide professional service to prospective clients (service with excellence & with love) and getting approved buyers/ready-sellers to be able to generate income in order to make a great living, heck, a decent living or even just to survive in the beginning.

She met and spoke with over 100 agents there and learned that nothing else was more important to them either. Not the "unparalleled" software, "technology", multi-level type of business models, online training you can find on you-tube and vimeo anyway, not even the free parties or the costly franchise brand names that generate you no actual income. None of these things really put money in our pockets. On the contrary, they take a cut from broker's commissions. A commission you earned from your hard work and efforts in searching, finding, filtering, nurturing clients. What do they really provide for their cut? Well, we can bet they don't hand you pre-approved buyers that are willing to work with you exclusively. YUB does.

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Team Excellence 50/50 Fast Growth Plan

As an Excellence Team Member & it's 50/50 win win plan*, You will receive HOT, exclusive leads, weekly. You may also receive Pre-approved clients, and we will provide you complete support.

100% Happy Agents & Staff Helping You Succeed

Our concierge and excellent service, added value provided, and step-by-step support approach will exceed the needs of prospective home buyers and sellers.

Checks Every Other Day

No Monthly Fee Just $325 per closing.
No matter how high the sales price is! Plus, if you are interested in helping one of our agents with their approved buyer, you can split their commission for a fast and easy transaction and payout to you.

100% Comp Plan NO MONTHLY FEES

If you want the Highest Commission Plan in the State, Consider Our True 100% Comp Plan

If you want the Highest Commission Plan in the State, Consider Our True 100% Comp Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

At YUB, the owners, salaried staff and managers all work with and for YOU. We work to help you obtain real leads, set up appointments for you, hand you approved clients, close more transactions and become even more successful so that we can all grow as together. As our leader says “We rise by lifting others” and that’s the plan, the vision, and the reason why this new, unknown, little, loving, company is creating great producing brokers, hitting huge numbers, has 99.99% satisfied clients, raving reviews and is growing fast.

Our goal is to help you, our clients, and our team members achieve each on everyone’s real estate goals.

We don’t promise parties or networking events – our agents are busy making money, spending time with loved ones and doing things they want to do. We do have great team dinners and family style get togethers when we can though. Families are valued.

We don’t offer supposedly “unparalleled” Software/Technology. There are plenty of free tools and we currently provide Top Producer CRM to our team members. We invest in generating quality leads, filtering, pre-qualifying assistance for quality lenders, and pass on pre-approved buyers to our agents. Yes, pre-approved, not pre-qualified, buyers that are willing to work with you because of our excellent service process and model. As we grow, we will provide better solutions, if they exist, at no extra cost.

We don’t offer a National Brand Name but We offer you the types of quality leads, appointments, staff support, and pre-approved buyers that we do. What good is a national brand name if you don’t work in Alaska or every State? Why do you pay them, if they don’t work to hand you, yes you, business and put money in your pocket? Still, they take a cut from your hard work, investment, and personally sourced client. Do they give you 2 more approved buyers to work with every time you close 1 of your own? I didn’t think so. We do. Think about it, You already share a split commission with a company, why not do so with a company that will re-invest in smart marketing and to generate you business?

We do not promise a multi-level marketing type of business model nor offer stock yet. Why? Because if and when we do, it will be done right. The largest agencies offer them but don’t tell you that the majority of people never see a dime of their “ownership.” You have to be vested, wait years before you can cash out and you don’t know whether it will or will not be worth anything then. Remember, the largest part of your stock comes from the commissions you personally generated but didn’t receive. Since most agents in the real estate industry don’t receive quality leads, appointments of pre-approved buyers/sellers from their brokerages (and have to find their own business), they usually don’t last and move to another company or leave the industry disappointed. Therefore, they don’t receive anything. Not even after all of their hard work and recruiting efforts. We say make the extra money now, get it now, and invest it yourself. If we ever offer ownership, we will offer true ownership. Yours as earned. No vesting period. As we grow, we will promise to find more ways to help you earn more without using a stick and a carrot.

Plus, we actually pay you a bonus for bringing a licensed realtor on board. $1,000* for each!

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Lorena Ramirez-Carrillo

President & Designated Managing Broker, Multi-Award Winning & Top 1% Producing Agent

Elvia Torres

Top Producing Agent

Ana Saavedra

Core Team Leader & Top Producing Agent

Josue Cifuentes

Core Team Leader & Top Producing Agent

Anarely Valdez

Core Team Leader & Top Producing Agent

Our goal is to help you achieve your real estate goals.

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